Black Honey Coffee Roasters were born out of our family’s passion for coffee – a passion so damn deep we decided to build our life around it.

passion for coffee - Black honey coffee roasters

As with most people, coffee has always been a huge part of our everyday lives. Even before there was a family to speak of. Going back to our roots in Turkey, to people like us who didn’t have a bunch of money to spend, coffee was a little piece of luxury. Something that was cherished, savored and always roasted locally.


Fast forward a couple of decades; our family has grown and then grown up, and in each of our careers – as a chef, a truck driver and an entrepreneur – coffee is consumed in measures of buckets.


Our father, who has always kept the memories of freshly roasted coffee close to his heart, starts to dream. That dream turns out to be contagious and before we know it, the whole family is involved. One year later, our very own roastery is open, filling the air of Stockholm with the scent of freshly roasted coffee beans.